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Our sprinkler systems are designed to LPC (British & European) and other international standards to meet all our client’s requirements.


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We design, install and maintain fire sprinkler systems across the UK in domestic, residential & commercial properties

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At NW Fire Sprinkler Systems we take your fire protection requirements seriously. We provide intelligent, cost-effective solutions whilst delivering first class customer service

Why Fire Sprinkler Systems?

While fire sprinklers have been protecting certain properties for over 140 years such as department stores, mills and factories there is now a growing recognition of their effectiveness to save lives in all types of property.

2006 versions of approved document B of the building regulations in England and Wales include clear recognition of the value of sprinkler installation for an improved level of safety.

While fire detection systems and smoke alarms save approximately 80 – 100 lives a year, it’s understood that this figure is unlikely to rise.

In the case of residential care homes, social housing, hostels and similar properties there are clear arguments that only sprinkler systems can save the lives of our societies most vulnerable.

The Law

The Welsh assembly acted to prevent further tragedies in April 2011, putting forward regulations introduced in 2013 which required sprinkler system installation in all new and refurbished care homes, hostels and homes in multiple occupation from April 2013.

The law now requires sprinkler installation in all new dwellings as of January 2016.

Save Lives

There are around 45,000 fires in dwellings in the UK each year. While fire deaths have been declining, there have been on average 500 people per year, which have tragically lost their lives to fire since 1945.

Examining the details of these tragic fires leads to one conclusion – the only active, available system that could have prevented them would have been a fire sprinkler system


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